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Brand Video

VeriTise Instant Verification

The Briefing


VeriTise came to us with a groundbreaking product they needed to communicate as simply as possible. We set out to find a few tangible examples to showcase their product in, as well as some concise language that encapsulates the vast possibilities of their VeriTise platform.

Stylistically, they wanted their video to feel high-tech, yet grounded in reality at the same time. So we took on the challenge creating a few tangible vignettes of how the product can be used to verify the authenticity of high-end jewelry, wine, and applicant CV. We built out each of these vignettes in 3D photo-real environments to show a few examples of where the customer can use this product. And we decided to go retro high tech at the start and end to showcase the cutting-edge technology that VeriTise is putting out into the world.

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