Your product or service was born out of a passion to resolve, help, or create something. There’s a reason why you’re the best at what you do.

And video is, of course, the most effective medium for communicating this.

Using video, then, how can you share or build that passion in someone else? A potential buyer, casual viewer, or friend, perhaps? This article leads through a series of thoughts on the topic.

According to Merriam-Webster, passion is defined as an “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.” Oftentimes, when someone feels a passion, they commit to completing or doing whatever it is they are passionate about.

One key note: passion is different than inspiration. Although you may inspire someone, you may not necessarily empassion them.

Your product or service exists for a specific reason. If you want people to be as passionate as you are, you’ll need to ignite passion through your use of video. Why would video help you ignite passion?

Video Paints a Vision

Whenever people feel that they’re part of something bigger, they catch a glimpse of “vision.” With the right vision, passion naturally emerges.

One of the best mediums for painting vision, video will allow you to cast that big picture view. In using it, you’ll greatly increase the chances that someone become passionate about what you do.

Video Engages People

You (and your product or service) become the center of the video you create. Your video brings a tangible human presence into an otherwise digital world.

People want to buy from a company that they feel like they know. Thus, engaging with you, viewers and potential buyers can feel the passion you have.

And when someone sees that fire in someone else, it’s hard not to be filled with fire.

Video Gets Personal

The aural and visual nature of video does a great job of really showing people who you are (and why your business exists). No longer does a reader have to guess at the nuance and inflection in a block of text; now, they can see and hear a person as if they’re standing right in front of them.

In addition, people view video in a personal way. Watchers can often feel as though they already know you. Due to the nature of the video format, viewers are typically more open to your ideas than they otherwise might be.

All that is to say: with video, you have a unique vantage point to communicate your passion to your viewer.

Although video does more than ignite passion, it’s one of – if not the – best medium for doing so.
How can you share or build your passion in someone else? Make a great video and share it.