How do you motivate someone? Show the potential of what “could be?” Embolden someone toward a cause?

What we’re really asking is how to inspire (through video).

Something is inspiring if it has “an animating or exalting effect,” according to Merriam-Webster. Inspiration can stir us to action or change our minds. It can excite us and unite us. And, of course, video is one of the most effective mediums to use for this purpose.

What we need to discover is how to inspire inspiration.

1. Know “Why”

Why do you care to motivate someone? Why is your product or service so important? What would be lost if we didn’t engage with it?

These are the kinds of questions you must have an answer to. Although you might have a really great solution (the “what”), it won’t really matter if your “why” isn’t compelling. Why should your video exist in the first place?

Once you have some answers, you’ll know your purpose. This is your main rallying point. With a clear purpose, you will be prepared to craft your message.

2. Tell A Story

Sometimes, your “why” is compelling enough that you can build your video around it alone. But if you go the extra mile, you’ll be almost guaranteed to inspire someone.

Inspiration is always augmented through storytelling. If they’re relatable and compelling, stories will connect your viewers to your purpose. If they connect with your purpose, you’ll be closer to inspiring your listeners.

There are a few key principles to keep in mind when telling your story. Other than those, it’s important to leave room for the “could be’s.” Your story could be a personal tale about how your product or service has helped someone. It could be a story about the future and what might happen as you grow. Either way, you’ll need to:

3. Make New Possibilities Enticing

The last important ingredient to inspiration is the unknown. You’re working toward your purpose, but probably haven’t achieved it fully yet. What could happen if you do? Why is that so important?

With the potential for a better future, people will be naturally inspired, assuming they believe that it’s achievable. Show them it is. If your story is compelling, the unknown does wonders for inspiration.

So how do you motivate someone? How do you inspire? First, make a video. Second, have a clear purpose – a “why.” Third, tell an excellent story with plenty of room for exciting possibilities.

Go make it happen!