The 2019 Holiday season has come and gone and we’re now into the New Year. Here’s hoping it’ll be a great one!

One itching question remains – how should businesses’ treat the Holidays? What can you do as a company to use video in this season? When it rolls around again in 2020, will you be prepared? Keep reading for some quick ideas.

Why You Should Care

The Holidays are a time of celebration and reflection for many. Given that your company is made up of and exists to serve people, you should be in touch with these cultural rhythms.

We already know that video does a great job getting personal and can be used as a way to keep connectivity with your customers. Creating a Holiday video often helps them remember that you’re real people, especially during the Holiday season. Bonus points if your employees are featured in the video!

Business is fueled by and built for people, so making a Holiday video can generate goodwill for your company. What are some ways to create one? Glad you asked.

Several Approaches To A Good Holiday Video

At the very least, it’s great to send good wishes to your customers – “we’re wishing you a happy Holiday season!” This builds rapport the same way that sending a birthday note to a customer does. If you choose to do this, make sure that your message is filled with your company’s voice and isn’t something generic – this will do wonders for you.

A “Year In Review” is another good idea – this helps you celebrate the past and shows buyers that you’re committed to your mission. Sincere and specific thank-yous also help both employees and clients enjoy and appreciate their contributions to the last year’s work.

We’ve often found that silly videos (like Animoto’s Happy Holidays) add just the right bit of fun to your Holiday video as well. This puts people in a light and joyous mood as you round out the year and prepares everyone for the break.

Since the Holidays are generally a time of enjoyment and reflection, it’s great to have your company actively involved in the season. That way, you can contribute to a better society as you reflect and grow each year. Best wishes for the future!