What’s special about your brand that somebody else can’t copy?

Don’t read into this question. Answering it is simple marketing. There’s a reason your brand exists. I’m here to walk you through how you can clarify your one-of-a-kind purpose. And, of course, how video can assist with that.

Duplication Prohibited

No doubt you’ve seen a key with the engraving “duplication prohibited.” The first thing to keep in mind when finding your voice is to remember that you are entirely unique. There’s only one you. Duplication is prohibited for you. Your brand is exclusive, even if it seems like there are loads of other companies doing the same thing.

Present your brand for what it is. Chances are that you created your company to solve some sort of problem. Determine what that is and what you bring to the table. Identify why you exist rather than not. Don’t try to be “different” or sell yourself as something other than you are. Differentiation will come with time and practice.


A quick search will show you an abundance of good marketing examples. That’s quite helpful, but you must remember that inspiration is good in small doses. Find some styles that you find interesting or some products that you think feel awesome, but don’t dote on them too long. Otherwise you’ll distract yourself and never get to your individual voice.

You like a particular style because it relates to you – it represents your voice in some way. Identify why you like the brand expressions that you like and incorporate that into your branding. You’ll be tapping into your subconscious idea of how to represent your company.


There’s a specific group of people that most want your service. That find you or what you do interesting. Identify who they are and go after them. With a defined audience, you’ll be much more likely to make decisions that are good for your business. This will also give you a better idea of who you are and how you can shape your style for your audience.

A Strengths-Based Approach

When you think you’ve got a vague idea of how to express your voice, start explicitly naming the unique stuff that makes your brand important. Capitalize on your strengths. Explain why you are the best at something. Show why you’re the best choice for a particular task. Make sure that people see the opportunity cost of not using your product or service.

Build a Brand Video

Last but not least, create a brand video that incorporates your newfound voice. To really set yourself apart, you’ll need this step. This will not only market you the best, but will also help users understand your brand in a more intimate way, as if you’re talking with them face-to-face.

Over time, you will further understand your unique style. Don’t worry yourself too much about it. The process outlined above is just the beginning. It may seem daunting and difficult to think about, but remember that your brand is already unique. You’re simply in the process of determining what special thing your brand has that somebody else can’t copy.