When you build your brand or company, you envision a certain look, feel, and experience that a given customer will have with your service/product. You imagine their customer journey. You create something that will solve a problem for your buyer and then implement it.

However, most of the time, this implementation is clouded by old practices and habits you’ve seen or used before. You know it’s important to provide a great customer experience, but might not understand how to within the realm of digital media.

So how do we keep up? How can we use video for great customer service? Read on to find out!

What Makes Good Customer Service?

There’s plenty of articles already written on this topic, so I’ll save you the details here. I do want to highlight the following: there should be multiple channels by which a customer can get what they need – a website, a way to get in touch with a real person, etc. Customers should be able to switch between different modes of service without feeling like they’re stepping into an entirely different experience in each.

According to research by Microsoft, “90% of consumers say they expect consistency and continuity from a brand across channels.” However, how often is this the case? We know that a clear, consistent customer journey is very important to your buyers, so how can we make this happen? And with video?

Customers Expect Self-Service Options

Forbes shows us that “the best customer service is self-service.” In today’s day and age, customers expect to be able to get assistance or information at any time of day or night. Further research from Microsoft shows that “more than 90 percent of consumers expect brands or organizations to have an online…self-service offering.”

So why not create videos that act as self-service? Here are a few tips to do so:

1. Show How To Use Your Product/Service

We’ve covered items like this before in our blog. The main point is that you want your customers to be able to move forward with your product right away after buying. Creating a guide or tutorial that advises them on what to do next will greatly increase their happiness with and adoption of your service!

2. Answer FAQs

You’ve built your company to assist your buyer with something. However, you also need to imagine how they’ll actually use whatever you’re offering. You’ll need to understand your overall business strategy to really get at this.

Once you know these things, make some videos answering common questions. You’ll likely pick up on these as you interact with your buyers, but if you can anticipate and answer FAQs before they come up, you’ll be golden.

3. Demonstrate Tips & Best Practices

What’s the best way to use your service/product? The optimal use case? Show your customers how to get there in your videos. This will – once again – lead to happier and more satisfied customers that continue to come to your business for more.

If you implement some of these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to greatly improving your customer service. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but perhaps it gets your wheels spinning.

Keep in mind, however, that self-service items like these can’t just be set up and then forgotten; it’s always a work in progress. Keep at it and you will serve your customers with excellence.