In the “What Does Video Do?” blog, we mentioned this:

“  When companies use video to show how people might best use their product, even after securing purchases, they build a trustworthy name. A caring name. This sort of thing is what creates loyal customers that stay with you for life.  ”

A Caring Name

By investing in the customer experience past the buying stage, you show your consumers that you have a personal interest in their well-being. This distinguishes you as an excellent organization – and customers pick up on that!

You understand how this feels if you’ve ever worked at a company that “invests in your future career;” they teach you skills and encourage your future pursuits rather than attempting to keep you employed with them. Surprisingly, while doing this, employees become more loyal to their respective company. They know that they’ve found an excellent organization and don’t want to leave!

The post-purchase video provides the same experience for the customer. Rather than telling them that you have their best interests in mind, you show this in your actions. This builds a great name for your company.

Increased Sales

The post-purchase video also proves to bring in more revenue from those who are considering a purchase. These people may already be interested in your product or service, but might need some encouragement to seal the deal. In technical terms, this video will help your lower-funnel sales prospects.

Imagine a brand who has an amazing, online product with excellent marketing. However, when you go to make a purchase, their website is disjointed, outdated, and frustrating. This negative experience while purchasing will majorly affect your view of the company. You may have even experienced this in the job hunt: you’ve found an awesome role at an excellent company, but their application process is archaic and infuriating. This “middle experience” – what we call the “mid-funnel” – can define for you whether you’ll ever apply to that company again.

This middle segment of a customer’s experience with your brand is just as important as the start and the end. It’s the area between someone’s initial interest in your product and their final purchase. Your post-purchase video encourages your customer not only to buy, but also smooths this process. It’s crucial to make the mid-funnel go smoothly if you want to extend the life of your company.

Lifelong Customers

By investing in a post-purchase video, you’ve shown your customers that you care about their experience every step of the way. You’ve demonstrated your interest in their understanding of your product or service. You’ve provided clear assistance and have given an incentive to not only do business with you, but to return time and time again.

You’ve created lifelong customers in the help you’ve provided throughout their journey. All of these good things were accomplished by simply creating a post-purchase video.