Millennials, millennials, millennials – this generation is the focus of much conversation in our workforce. There’s some pieces on Gen Z, but we often seem to forget about Generation X. If you don’t know who Generation X is, go read up before continuing further!

Depending on the service or product that you offer, it may be very helpful to learn to connect with Gen X. This article will take some of the existing data and show how video can reach this generation.

Why Gen X?

Millennials currently compose most of the workforce, so why are we talking about Gen X? Well, according to Forbes, Gen Xers actually “spend more than their counterparts, spending one-third more annually than” millennials. Gen Xers also “have a lot of influence on other generations” as they make financial decisions that affect both millennials & boomers.

If you aren’t thinking about how Gen X may play into (or be) your ideal buyer, then you’re limiting yourself at market.

How Does Gen X Interact With The Digital World?

Pew Research Center shows that more than 90% of Gen X is online almost every day. According to Business 2 Community’s research, “digital video is even more popular among Gen Xers than social networking,” as over 78% view online video at least once per month. There’s a lot of surprising stats in these articles, showing that Gen X engages consistently with our digital medium of video.

So while Gen X greatly utilizes social media, mobile devices, and the internet, you need to be prepared to show them why your service or product is helpful to their lives.

Be Realistic, Authentic, and Applicable

Per Business 2 Community’s article, Gen X does their research before making a purchase. They “tend to be skeptical about the big brands and their claims for greatness,” but are very loyal customers once they find something “that can solve [their] problems.”

This means that you have an opportunity to really show Gen Xers why your company can serve their needs. Research by The Nielsen Company shows that – in advertising – Gen X connects most with everyday household/family situations, as well as authentic, real-world circumstances. They’re looking for realistic scenarios that clearly show them how your service or product adds to their daily life.

Depending on what it is you offer, Gen X is looking for honest, real connection with companies who value their engagement and patronage. If you’ve got that, it doesn’t hurt to throw in coupons every now and then as well!

How To Interact With Gen X

As we’ve seen, Gen X is a family-focused, practical generation actively engaged with the digital world. So, although different generations, treating Gen X like millennials could be great advice! After all, there isn’t too much that you would do to connect with Gen X that you wouldn’t to connect with millenials.

If you’re realistic and authentic in your videos (and show the pragmatic function of your service/product), you’ll be on your way to reaching this generation. If you actually focus your efforts on Gen X (and don’t forget about them), you’ll also be expanding your influence and potential market.

According to the Futures Company (in 2017), 54% of Gen Xers are frustrated that brands forget about them. So if you make an effort to connect with this generation, you’ll do wonders to draw in a consistent, committed buyer.