Understanding the Buyer’s Journey in SaaS Marketing

The buyer’s journey in SaaS marketing refers to the process that potential customers go through from the moment they become aware of a problem or need, to the point where they make a purchase decision. It can be divided into different stages, each requiring a different approach to video marketing.

By understanding the buyer’s journey, SaaS businesses can create videos that effectively engage and guide prospects toward conversion. It starts with capturing the audience’s attention and generating awareness and interest.

Top Of Funnel: Captivating the Audience to Create Awareness and Interest

At the top of the funnel, the goal is to capture the audience’s attention and create awareness and interest in your SaaS product or service. This is easily the most competitive landscape. Everyone is trying to steal your audience’s attention. Your content here must be breakthrough, different, and new. The viewer likely has never heard of you. Give them a reason to watch. Take a look at a couple of ads below that performed extremely well. 

Crafting a captivating explainer video that highlights the key benefits and unique selling propositions of your SaaS offering can help prospects understand how your solution can solve their pain points. It should focus on creating an emotional connection and sparking curiosity to encourage further exploration.

A few technical best practices: 

Video length: <30s

Formula: Capture attention through a strong hook/entertainment factor, clearly show a pain point your customer can relate to, and show them there is a better way. 

Mid Funnel: Educating and Nurturing Leads through Video Content

In the mid-funnel stage, prospects have shown interest and are actively seeking more information. This is the perfect opportunity to educate and nurture leads through video content.

Create videos that provide align with their pain points and clearly show how your product can solve that. Don’t get too technical here. Show what your product CAN do, but don’t create “how-to” videos. They need a reason to believe – a reason to believe that you understand their hardships and that you have created a better way. By demonstrating your expertise and providing valuable insights, you can build trust with your audience and move them closer to conversion.

See some examples here: 

Low Funnel: Converting Prospects into Customers with Video

When prospects reach the low-funnel stage, they are ready to make a purchase decision. Video can play a crucial role in convincing them to choose your SaaS product or service.

Craft videos that highlight the unique selling points, demonstrate the product in action, and showcase customer testimonials. These videos should instill confidence and address any remaining objections or concerns, ultimately pushing prospects toward conversion.

Post Purchase: Retaining and Delighting Customers with Video Tutorials

Video marketing doesn’t end with the conversion. It’s essential to continue engaging and delighting customers even after they’ve made a purchase. Video tutorials can be a powerful tool for customer retention.

Create video tutorials that help customers maximize the value of your SaaS product or service. These tutorials can provide step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and best practices to ensure customers get the most out of their purchases. By empowering your customers with knowledge, you can foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.