“Oh, I know! I bet it’s gonna be a car commercial!”

We’ve all been there, guessing at what brand a commercial is representing. This happens a whole lot during the Superbowl, where businesses pull out all the stops to make impressive and intriguing TV ads to set themselves apart. But what if there were an easier way to do the same thing? What if you could simultaneously market your brand and cut costs?

Social Campaigns

You may never have heard the term before, but a “social campaign” is just the thing to interest a wider range of consumers. Social campaigns are a series of short videos that all look pretty similar for the sake of promotion. You might recognize these in ads by Intuit or Wonderful Pistachios, for example. Why are they so helpful? Keep reading to see a few things that social campaigns can do for you.

1. Keep Costs Down

These short videos can all inhabit a minimal space with one or two main elements. They’re incredibly simple! You might be able to seriously build a campaign with only a couple iPhone photos and a good script (although that’s not recommended).

2. Diversify Your Marketing Material

This means that you can spend significantly less money and time when building a campaign. That’s a huge benefit in and of itself. These ads only require a bit of creativity! There’s no need to invest in high-end, impressive ads when you can make a big impact in such a simple way.

If you feel that you’re getting “writer’s block” and producing the same type of advertisement over and over, social campaigns are for you. If you want to expand your product in a creative way, social campaigns are for you. If you desire to expand your brand’s reach, social campaigns are for you.

By creating a small campaign, you can present your product or service in a different, stylized way. Compared to other marketing you’ve done, they will stand out. That means that both the “hilarious cat spots” and “professional product videos” now belong under your brand name. That’s a great way to strengthen your digital presence!

3. Interest a Wider Range of People

In diversifying your material, you are more than likely to get new, interested customers. Not only will previous customers find your new campaign excellent (and share them), but by switching up your style, you can promote yourself to people who wouldn’t normally come into contact with you. If your audience are mostly business people, for example, it wouldn’t hurt to campaign to sports fans as well, depending on the product.

4. Market Your Personality

With just a little bit of creativity, you can put your unique mark on your social campaign. That will do wonders in boosting your brand name! You’ll set yourself apart as a unique organization, whilst enjoying the previous 3 benefits. There are no downsides to working on one of these!

Social campaigns can help you think about social media as more than just “likes” and “retweets.” They represent something more ethereal – the essence of your company. And they’re being adopted more and more. Budweiser’s ads, for instance, all involved a horse and a dog for a while. They successfully marketed their product in a unique and simple way. Social campaigns are an excellent way to do the same thing for your brand.