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Liferay Ecommerce

The Briefing


Liferay Commerce was built to leverage the content management, collaboration and digital asset management capabilities in Liferay DXP. They work to create powerful experiences by bringing content, product offerings and customer data into a single comprehensive solution.

Our Approach

Our goal- make an outstanding video that shows the intuitive and complex nature of their system but making sure to not break the bank. Our plan- take a different approach to the execution of the video. Take a good look at looks 3D right? Well it's not! So it must be 2D then? Kinda, but not really. We used a new approach called pseudo 3D. Say whaaat?? How it works- we create graphics to look 3D but animate them using 2D techniques. What is so groundbreaking about this approach you costs about half of what 3D would cost, but looks just as professional. Win- win!

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