Don’t pretend like things aren’t different. Things are not as they used to be – most people are working from home, business-as-usual is suspended, and we’re living day-by-day. We can’t sit around hoping that our normal marketing material will still work because, frankly, things aren’t normal.

Remember the dreams you used to have about truly creative marketing? Out of the box, one-of-a-kind ideas? Sure, you’ve been able to do some of that, but now’s the time to really get creative. Now’s your chance to take some time to think & strategize.

How To Handle Quarantine

It’s probably not plausible for you to just stop marketing. But keeping the same content going without reconsidering what you’re putting out could be perceived the wrong way. Remember, business is ultimately about people, and people are currently experiencing COVID-19.

It’s important to continue marketing, but you’ll need to do it with wisdom. Don’t just capitalize on this pandemic, but imagine where your clients really stand. Are they scared? Needing assistance? Are they vulnerable? How you answer this question will determine how you move forward in marketing.

People will pay attention to how you handled yourself during this time, when it’s all said & done. It’d be better to say nothing at all than to say something wrong (or in the wrong way). Be wise and don’t put your head in the sand.

Relating To Your Clients

You sell a service or product to a person or group of people, solving a problem or enhancing their life in some way. But only you know who your clients are.

Everyone is online right now, and few are leaving their homes. If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that your business is also hosted on some sort of online forum. In this situation, how can you best connect to your customers? What are they consuming? What are they looking to get help with?

Can you relate to them over social media? Send out some emails? Your customers probably want to know that you’re there for them – and that you’re real people who are also experiencing the struggles they are. How can you best relate with them?

Think about the challenges of your customers – some are working from home, watching their kids, or out of work for the time being. How can you contribute good for them? In what ways can you be of service?

That’s the kind of stuff to talk about. That’s the stuff to market.

Specific Marketing Tips

Now is the time to do what you’ve been hoping to do. To organize your files and reimagine your strategy.

At the very least, since people are still using the internet, you could spend some time doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website or services. There’s plenty of articles on that.

You could also refresh your materials: have you been wanting to create some specific marketing materials but haven’t had the time? Wanted to do interviews or update your website? Start an email campaign? Strategize more?

Animated videos aren’t out of style. They’re also something that can be created quickly & easily in quarantine. You could also take any footage or still pictures you have lying around and think about how to make them into something compelling. After all, video is very important online.

Whatever you’ve been waiting to do, do it now.

Keep Moving (Virtually)

Almost anything that you were planning to do in person can be done virtually. If you were going to hold a conference, meet with a customer, or do a presentation, you can still do it!

Kristen Ruby, the CEO of Ruby Media Group, has a good idea: “If you do want to give back as part of a corporal social responsibility initiative, consider creating branded hand sanitizers…and give them away for free. Yes, it will cost you a few thousand dollars, but it is a nice thing to do. Also, consider creating a social media campaign that encourages people to stay home.”

All in all, you need to keep doing your work, but doing it differently. If you’re wise and take all of this into consideration, you’ll do well. We’re rooting for you!