The title says it all. It’s simple. But we forget to do it.

There’s a reason that your product or service is still around. Whether you’ve been in the game for 30 years or 3 days, you’ve produced something of quality that people want to utilize.

Aside from marketing, is it possible to highlight your business’ accomplishments in such a way that both employees and clients feel proud? Since it’s now one of the best ways to communicate, could this be done with video? Am I simply asking rhetorical questions or will I answer them? Scroll further to find out.

Video As Recap

We’ve all taken the time to break out the yearbooks and photo albums, reminiscing on our past. Or break out the social media wall and image gallery. There’s something about reviewing our pasts and reflecting on where we’ve come from that connects us with our present.

We say a lot around here that businesses are ultimately made up of people. Since it’s good for us as humans to reflect and review where we’ve come from, why would the business context be any different? Highlighting your past accomplishments as a group is a great way to recap where your company has been. This will better connect you with your present.

Although there are many different ways to review the past, we firmly believe that video does the best job. By interviewing leaders (or even creating an animated timeline video), you can build something that will highlight your accomplishments in an engaging and heartwarming fashion. And you’ll have something that lasts – something concrete to look back on in 5 years.

So highlight your accomplishments as a review of where you’ve been and where you are. This is sure to keep buyers and employees on the same page. And it’ll give them a sense of confidence and pride in your expertise.

Video As Inspiration

When a great leader humbly highlights his or her accomplishments, people are often inspired. Through sharing the story of their achievements, listeners are compelled to consider how they might also achieve great things.

Apple, for example, always does an excellent job creating inspiration videos motivated by their company vision. By highlighting the broadstrokes of their accomplishments, they’re able to inspire not only their employees, but also their customers. This obviously leads to more loyal buyers and more invested workers.

Video has been used this way for decades. Whether through an ad, a Youtube video, or commercial, companies have inspired both their staff and their customers through the use of video. Is it possible to highlight your business’ accomplishments in such a way that both employees and clients feel proud (and inspired)? Most definitely.

Video As Vision

The above two points have been naturally leading to this one. Through highlighting the successes of your service or product, you’re able to review your past and inspire your watchers. This will lead naturally into establishing a vision for the future.

There’s plenty of ways to use video for this purpose, so I won’t write much here. But utilizing video in this way will rocket you into the next stage of your business life. Who knew that highlighting achievements would lead to even more achievement down the line?

Video As Celebration

Completing a hard, long project is something worth celebrating! Winning an award, successfully servicing 20,000 customers, or creating hundreds of helpful devices are accomplishments that deserve recognition. Along with the above points, reviewing your accomplishments through video is a fun and appealing way to recognize hard work!

Keeping things light hearted puts everyone in a great mood and reminds them that they’re a part of something great. Whether a simple customer or the founder of the company, a celebratory video highlighting the group’s achievements does wonders to make both parties proud.

So, is it possible to highlight your business’ accomplishments in such a way that both employees and clients feel proud? Yes. Can you use video to do it? Yes. Is video the best way to do this? You bet.

Using video to highlight your accomplishments gets everyone excited & on the same page. By crafting both internal and external highlight reels, you can make both clients and employees happy. Why not give it a shot?