When was the last time that pure, scientific evidence moved you to make a lasting change? Maybe recently. But when was the last time that a story moved you?

If you’re like me, you almost always think of stories in a “storytelling context” – movies, books, plays, etc. But stories occur in our lives, albeit of a different nature.

If you harness stories as a way to develop your business, you’ll be tapping in to a deep part of human nature. Sure, lots of books and blogs have been written about this topic – and we invite you to read those. But it’d also be great to explore how this is effective with video.

Stories Over Evidence

Humans Are Underrated, by Geoff Colvin, cites a study that examined “expert testimony” in court cases. The research showed that jurors thought experts with a personal clinical experience were more credible than those who simply analyzed facts, even if the jurors were shown that the data-analysis method was more accurate.

How can this be? The context of story.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this about yourself – stories mean something to us on a deeper level than a “scientific” conversation. It’s one thing to learn about the psychological effects of friendship; it’s another thing to hear a story about loneliness resolved by friendship.

This suggests that stories are ultimately more powerful than figures and data, not that the latter is unimportant. If you really understand this, you’ll embrace video as a vehicle for story. This will help you better communicate with your customers and, thus, bring life into your business.

Stories As Participation

Remember the last time you went to a presentation and the speaker opened with an anecdote? You were engaged. The speaker’s experience of taking her kids to the zoo perfectly underscored the topic. And drew you in.

There’s a reason that different social media companies like Facebook and Snapchat are adding “stories” to their platforms – stories invite us to participate in the teller’s experience. If done well, stories lead us in examining our own lives in light of what we hear. This has massive potential for business.

Is video the best context for story? In this age, we believe so. If you take a moment to skim our blog page, you’ll see plenty of uses for video, most of which involve stories. Why? Because they’re powerful.

Ultimately, if business is communication, then stories are the way to do it best. If your product or service really solves or improves something for your clients, video will tell that story.

To truly be effective as a business, you need to be effective as a storyteller. Because the best businesses tell the best stories.